The What

Over the last couple of months I have been asked several times about what I want to achieve with the IAAPA Chairmanship.

It’s a good question. And not quite uncomplicated to answer.

First of all it is important to understand, that being involved with IAAPA is very much a team sport. IAAPA is first and foremost a members association, why while personal ambitions and priorities must be weighed up against members’ goals and needs.

But that That being said, there are causes I care more about, than others. Just as those coming before me did.

Greg Hale, whom I took over from, has – for many years – been in the driver seat when it comes to amusement ride safety. He will continue to do so, as this issue is as imperative as ever.

But in addition to safety and security, the sustainability agenda will become increasingly important in the years to come. And this one of the concepts that I would like to promote with my IAAPA colleagues.

Sustainability is not just thinking about the environment. The modern approach to sustainable development is about being a good citizen, when it comes to both social, economic and environmental growth.

It is complicated to approach this subject, but also necessary. I think that the issues about sustainability in the future will be just as important as safety is to our industry today.

This issue is already knocking on the door. The ongoing and escalating discussions about animals in human care is an example of this topic already being present in the public discourse, and having an enormous impact on sectors of our industry.

We, as an industry, needs to be prepared for such discussions. We have to act responsibly and think long term. As an association we can address this agenda in the same manner we have been addressing safety for decades: by lifting the general knowledge curve.

I’m proud of the efforts we are making locally and invite you to read more about Liseberg’s ambitious sustainability journey here.

Happy reading!


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